[sudo-users] Sudo AIX 5.3 + LDAP Groups + Segmentation fault

José Luis Otones Solla jotones at hotmail.com
Wed May 23 05:09:03 EDT 2007

Hi, We are using sudo in ours AIX servers long time ago without
problems.  Now we are going (if we can) to use the AIX compound
module KRB5LDAP.  With this authentication module we get a "Segmentation
fault" error in some scenarios in which are involved groups of users
defined in the LDAP server.

If we comment the LDAP authentication module definitio in the file
/usr/lib/security/methods.cfg file it seems to work so we suspect
we have some problems with the LDAP interaction. We launched:  truss
sudo -l ,  in order to investigate what it's happening and we get
some strange things (I am not an expertise debugging): 1.- We get
65549 close systems calls, decreasing the file descriptor. This is

close(65533)                     Err#9  EBADF

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