[sudo-users] sudo script doesn't think its totally root

Vechinski, Douglas A. DOUGLAS.A.VECHINSKI at saic.com
Wed Nov 21 18:27:20 EST 2007

At work, we have a cluster with a head node and a set of slave nodes.  I
have been trying to setup a sudo config file to allow a user to issue a
shutdown or reboot of all the slave nodes via the sudo command.  I have
something that works with a caveat.  


There was a command provided on the head node (/root/bin/donodes) which
will execute the command specified on the command line for all the
nodes.  This donodes command is a bash script and looks for a file in
"~/.nodes" which contains the names of the various node machines.  There
is a .nodes file in roots home directory. I set up an sudo entry as


jim  ALL=/root/bin/donodes shutdown *


and allows jim to perform "sudo /root/bin/donodes shutdown -h now" and
works as long as jim has a .nodes file in his home directory.  I would
have thought that the donodes command is being run as root and would
find the ~/.nodes file in roots home directory.  While its not that big
of a deal to have jim have this .nodes in his home directory, is there a
way to config the sudo so that when donodes is executed it thinks that
root is running it?



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