[sudo-users] Logging commands run as superuser to a mysql database

Dirk Westfal dwestfal at googlemail.com
Fri Nov 30 07:32:13 EST 2007

Hi all,

i`m looking for a way to:
- record commands and results executed by root
- record them in an 'action journal' in a database

Has anyone tried something like this before?

The idea is to create log entries from actions like:

#vi /etc/samba/shares.conf
#chgrp -R users /home/all
#chmod g+srwx /home/al
# not found
#chmod g+srwx /home/all

as entries like:
$timestamp - root logs in from $station
$timestamp -  vi /etc/samba/shares.conf - success
$timestamp -  chgrp -R users /home/all - success
$timestamp -  chmod g+srwx /home/al - failed - result: not found
$timestamp -  chmod g+srwx /home/all - success
$timestamp - root logged off


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