[sudo-users] Failing to install on SCO Unixware

Battersby-Cornmell, Robin Alasdair Robin.Battersby-Cornmell at uisl.unisys.com
Tue Oct 16 10:07:23 EDT 2007

Oh dear!  Having installed quite happily on AIX, HPUX & Solaris, I have been asked to put this wonderful tool on SCO UnixWare 7.1.1

The problem I'm having is with the actual compile.  Now I haven't done anything other than run a 'configure' followed by a 'make' on any other OS, but I'm failing on SCO.  I'm expecting that it is a shared library that I need to add to my LD_LIBRARY_PATH, but where to start?

The 'configure' runs with nothing remarkable as does much of the 'make' process that I cannot pretend to understand.  The error messages I get are:-

sudo-1.6.9p4> make
        gcc -c -I. -I.  -O2 -D_PATH_SUDOERS=\"/etc/sudoers\" -D_PATH_SUDOERS_TMP=\"/etc/sudoers.tmp\" -DSUDOERS_UID=0 -DSUDOERS_GID=0 -DSUDOERS_MODE=0440  sudo_edit.c
sudo_edit.c: In function `sudo_edit':
sudo_edit.c:150: union has no member named `tv_sec'
sudo_edit.c:151: union has no member named `tv_nsec'
sudo_edit.c:186: union has no member named `tv_sec'
sudo_edit.c:187: union has no member named `tv_nsec'
sudo_edit.c:312: union has no member named `tv_sec'
sudo_edit.c:313: union has no member named `tv_nsec'
*** Error code 1 (bu21)
UX:make: ERROR: fatal error.

Um?  Help! Anyone got a clue where to look?

Many thanks, in advance,


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