[sudo-users] Installing and Configuring sudo on HP UNIX 11.11

donald.ritchey at exeloncorp.com donald.ritchey at exeloncorp.com
Fri Sep 7 11:22:27 EDT 2007

Check the mount options of the file system where sudo is located.  (If
you installed from the HP-UX installation depot, it probably went into
/opt/iexpress/sudo/bin, with a symbolic link to /usr/bin/sudo).  Make
sure that if /opt is a separate file system, it is not mounted with a
'nosuid' option.

Should be:
	/opt on /dev/vg00/lvol5 ioerror=mwdisable,delaylog,dev=40000005
on Thu Aug 23 11:14:01 2007
	/opt on /dev/vg00/lvol5
ioerror=mwdisable,nosuid,delaylog,dev=40000005 on Thu Aug 23 11:14:01

Also, as root, run the command:  file sudo and make sure that the
executable is suitable for your architecture (PA-Risc or Itanium).  The
'file' command will tell you what sort of executable that 'sudo' is.
	# file /opt/iexpress/sudo/bin/sudo
	/opt/iexpress/sudo/bin/sudo:    ELF-32 executable object file -

Don Ritchey
IT ED RTS Tech Services, Senior IT Analyst (UNIX)

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Hi Todd,
  I changed the binary mode for sudo to 4111 but still cannot run sudo
,it still says Execute permission denied.
  # chmod 4111 sudo
  # ls -l
  total 480
  ---s--x--x 2 root sys 122880 Apr 24 18:22 sudo
  ---s--x--x 2 root sys 122880 Apr 24 18:22 sudoedit
  $ sudo
  sh: sudo: Execute permission denied.

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so spake Nilesh Salunke (salunke_nilesh):

> Here are the file permissions.
> # ls -l sudo
> -rwS--x--x 2 root sys 122880 Apr 24 18:22 sudo

Your sudo binary is mode 4011, it should be 4111.
If you so "chmod 4111 sudo" you will be able to run it.

- todd

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