[sudo-users] Shortening the Command Alias list

Skrobacz, John John.Skrobacz at atlantichealth.org
Tue Sep 18 15:14:05 EDT 2007

I've inherited some servers running sudo.  On one server a user account
has been given rights to chmod and/or mv files using sudo.  The sudoers
file is set up to list each file name that can be changed.  I would like
to use wildcards if I can.  I tried using the full path to the files
with an asterisk but this did not work.  Here is an example.

Cmnd_Alias      CHMOD = /usr/bin/chmod 666 /usr3/chartmax/ibmmh, \
                        /usr/bin/chmod 666 /usr3/chartmax/ibovh, \
                        /usr/bin/chmod 666 /usr3/chartmax/ibmsh, \
                        /usr/bin/chmod 666 /usr3/chartmax/FBR901*, \
                        /usr/bin/chmod 666 /usr3/omega/omegammh, \
                        /usr/bin/chmod 666 /usr3/omega/omegaovh, \
                        /usr/bin/chmod 666 /usr3/apharmrpt/pharmds, \
                        /usr/bin/chmod 666 /usr3/bpharmrpt/pharmds, \
                        /usr/bin/chmod 666 /usr3/cpharmrpt/pharmds, \
                        /usr/bin/chmod 666 /usr2/ftpsrvr/vista/FSR121*,
                        /usr/bin/chmod 666 /usr2/ftpsrvr/vista/FAR150*,
                        /usr/bin/chmod 666 /usr2/ftpsrvr/vista/FXPCAT5*,
                        /usr/bin/chmod 666
/usr2/ftpsrvr/vista/FXPCATA4*, \

Cmnd_Alias      MV = /usr/bin/mv /usr3/omega/omegammh
/usr3/omega/mmh/*.TXT, \
                     /usr/bin/mv /usr3/omega/omegaovh
/usr3/omega/ovh/*.TXT, \
                     /usr/bin/mv /hbo/rxdown/*pmm.dat
                     /usr/bin/mv /usr3/chartmax/FBR901*
                     /usr/bin/mv /usr2/ftpsrvr/CAPS/*
/usr2/ftpsrvr/CAPS/*, \
                     /usr/bin/mv /usr2/ftpsrvr/vista/FSR121*, \
                     /usr/bin/mv /usr2/ftpsrvr/vista/FAR150*, \
                     /usr/bin/mv /usr2/ftpsrvr/vista/FXPCAT5*, \
                     /usr/bin/mv /usr2/ftpsrvr/vista/FXPCATA4*, \
                     /usr/bin/mv /usr2/ftpsrvr/vista/FFR300*, \
                     /usr/bin/mv /usr2/ftpsrvr/vista/FFR210*, \

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