[sudo-users] Configuring the sudoers file for a DBA

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Although I have no idea what smitty is... (machine? Program? Tool?)

You could also use a jail for this, couldn't you?
Search Google for 'jailkit' for an easy way to build them. Also very
useful for giving some functions to external people, e.g. over VPN.  

Using sudo, it'ld be something like:
User_Alias	DBA=user1,user2,%dbagroup
Cmd_Alias	TOOL=/usr/bin/chfs
Host_Alias	ORA=host1, host2,


This would the DBA users run the tool on any ORA host as root, without
needing the pwd.

BTW, this example was made simply by look at the outstanding examples on
the sudoers site:

Hope it helps!

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> I need to give access to one of our DBA's to run chfs inside 
> smitty so he can add space to his file system.
> I want to remove his root access later, but for now, I want 
> to set it up so he can run chfs using smitty, get him used to 
> using it and then yank his root access. What is the best way 
> to set this up using the sudoers file? 
> ABC03537        ALL = (root) NOPASSWD: /usr/bin/su - root     
>   (but some 
> how add------- /usr/sbin/chfs)
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