[sudo-users] Executing and Runnning Commands Recursively

Todd C. Miller Todd.Miller at courtesan.com
Fri Dec 19 16:36:57 EST 2008

In message <284907.78206.qm at web59903.mail.ac4.yahoo.com>
	so spake Ayub Abdullah (ayubmaj002):

> I would like to give a specific user the ability to run and execute
> commands recursively for a given directory and its subdirectory but
> only specify the top level directory in the sudoers file.  Below
> is an example of my sudoers file.  I would like to run and execute
> commands below /usr/openwin/* but at this time I am unable to:
> User   ALL=/usr/openwin/*

The '*' in a pathname will not match a '/' so you cannot do this
with the existing globbing support in sudo.

Depending on how deep the directory structure is, something like this
might work:

User   ALL=/usr/openwin/*/*

However, do you really need to give access to anything other than this?

User   ALL=/usr/openwin/bin, /usr/openwin/demo

 - todd

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