[sudo-users] changed user names and now sudo rules do not work

Dallas, Alexander V (WT) alexander.dallas at siemens.com
Wed Feb 27 12:55:31 EST 2008

I have a user that I mis-spelled his name and made the change using SAM
utility on HP-UX.  
then went into visudo and changed his name on the "User_Alias" line.
now he can not sudo anymore.

-in further testing if I "do a user privilege" for him and specify the
command it works fine.
-I use a Cmnd_Alias it failes with the above it fails
-I tried deleting the user and readding and it fails as well
-other accounts in the "User_Alias" work just fine, so I do not think
that it is related to any of the aliases.

bkgrnd info
os ver= HP-UX 11.1
sudo ver= visudo version 1.6.7p5

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