[sudo-users] environment

Michael Potter pottmi at gmail.com
Thu Jan 17 23:38:17 EST 2008

sudo crew,

I am studying how sudo handles the environment and have a couple of
question about env_keep.  The man page says there are no default
members to env_keep, but when I look at the source code I see an array
called "initial_keepenv_table" that looks like a list of default

Now to me it does not make sense to have a env_delete list and a
env_keep list.  What do you do with it to if it is not on either list:
Dont keep it _AND_ Dont delete it?  Anyway, there must be something I
am missing because I am sure that these features made sense to someone
otherwise they would not have been added.

I think confusion could be cleared up if someone has a set of examples
where they use env_* defaults to solve problems.

Michael Potter.

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