[sudo-users] Sudo and ulimits

Todd C. Miller Todd.Miller at courtesan.com
Tue Jan 22 10:36:30 EST 2008

In message <1201010841.6938.12.camel at indy>
	so spake Johan Marcusson (independence):

> I have some problems with sudo and ulimits. I understand that you do not
> get the ulimits of the user you are sudoing to, but I wonder if there is
> some way to configure this to happen?
> My problem is like this: I have ulimits for all users on the system for
> a certain number of processes. When one of these users tries to use sudo
> (to root), they get denied and sudo exits with this message:
> "setresuid(ROOT_UID, ROOT_UID, ROOT_UID) failed, your operating system
> may have a broken setresuid() function"
> I think this is because root is running more processes than the ulimit
> of the user that is trying to use sudo, and sudo then exits or fails to
> fork(?) because root is over the ulimit.

What operating system and what version of sudo are you running?
Is this only happening to a specific user or for all users?

 - todd

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