[sudo-users] Sudo and ulimits

Todd C. Miller Todd.Miller at courtesan.com
Tue Jan 22 11:04:37 EST 2008

In message <1201016679.6938.20.camel at indy>
	so spake Johan Marcusson (independence):

> Linux (2.6.19 with linux-vserver) and sudo 1.6.8p12
> I happens for all users.
> If I raise the nproc ulimit to more than the number of processes that
> runs as root, I don't get this error when using sudo as a user.

Sudo does set the limits for the target user just before the program
being run under sudo is executed if PAM is configured to use
pam_limits.so as part of the PAM session.  It sounds like the problem
is ocurring long before then, though.

I suppose sudo could stash the current resource limits and set them
to the max as part of its startup, potentially restoring them later.

 - todd

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