[sudo-users] reset_env

Todd C. Miller Todd.Miller at courtesan.com
Wed Jan 30 10:15:18 EST 2008

In message <0JVF00D4F9J5TV00 at mxout2.netvision.net.il>
	so spake noam camus (noamiko):

> Unlike Fedora 7 in Fedora 8 when I remark the DEFAULT reset_env at
> /etc/sudoers it make no effect and my preasure environment variables are
> deleted.
> Even when I use env_keep for the environment variables I want they still all
> deleted.

I believe that Fedora 8 ships with sudo 1.6.9 where reset_env is
the default.  If you want to preserve the environment you need
a line like:

Defaults	!reset_env

Or just add the variables you want to the keep_env list using the
+= operator.

 - todd

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