[sudo-users] AIX 5.3 and noexec

Todd C. Miller Todd.Miller at courtesan.com
Sun Jul 27 15:58:14 EDT 2008

In message <10926. at popmail.pop.com.br>
	so spake  (achillesmf):

> Hello,I'm trying to use noexec option and I get the
> following error when trying to change accounts:$ sudo su - myaccou3004-505
> Cannot set process environment.I
> compile sudo-1.6.9p17 with the option with-noexec=/dir/sudo_noexec.soThen I a
> dd noexec in my
> /etc/sudoers' Defaults.Has
> anyone experienced such error?

It doesn't make sense to use noexec with su since the whole point
of su is to run a shell.  What's happening is that sudo runs su,
but then su is unable to execute the actual shell due to noexec.

 - todd

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