[sudo-users] SUDO with LDAP on AIX 5.3 and TDS 6.1

Michael Bragg ymbragg at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 5 10:52:21 EDT 2008

I am working in an environment that has AIX 5.3, Tivoli Directory Server
6.1, and SUDO using the sudoers file on each machine.  We currently have
Tivoli Identity Manager and are trying to figure out the best way to manage
SUDO using ITIM.  After reading the documentation it looks like the ideal
solution would be to have LDAP enable SUDO rights to AIX groups and then we
can use ITIM to add users to those AIX groups.  Unfortunately I need help in
several key areas:


1.      Will this scenario work?

2.      Can I get a version of SUDO that is already compiled for LDAP?

3.      How do I setup the entries in TDS, only OpenLDAP and SUN LDAP is
mentioned in the documentation?


I know this is not enough information but if anyone could help I would
greatly appreciate it!!

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