[sudo-users] Lost essay friend said to try "sudo cat /opt/mem > ~/Desktop/memory"...

Stephanie Zrim Noir101 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 17 17:38:27 EDT 2008

Ok does this make any sense. I was typing an essay in pages for 12  
hrs and it froze, I didn't save anything. I still haven't closed it  
because I want to Try to retrieve it!. My friend said to try this->
"sudo cat /opt/mem > ~/Desktop/memory"
It'll ask you for your password, enter your normal user account  
password and hit enter. It'll take a while because there's a lot of  
memory. Now type "cd ~/Desktop" and "strings memory | grep the" (or  
some other common word that might show up in your document). With  
some luck some snippets of your document will show up?
After I enter my password it just says cat: opt/mem/... No such file.
So am I doing something wrong or does this just make no sense at  
all?! If not, anyone know what I can try?
Thanks Steph

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