[sudo-users] Lost essay friend said to try "sudo cat /opt/mem >~/Desktop/memory"...

Battersby-Cornmell, Robin Alasdair Robin.Battersby-Cornmell at uisl.unisys.com
Tue Mar 18 12:24:14 EDT 2008

Not a process I have ever heard of, but if you are editing in vi, then a temporary file will have been created in /var/tmp by default.  If you have saved it at least once, then you can use "vi -r filename" from another session, but it still may not work.  I am, of course, assuming that you are using unix command line!  Sorry if it is Windows or MAC.

It is possible that having the editor open for such a time may mean that a scheduled task may have removed the temporary file and that could cause the editor to lock.  If this is the case, then I have no way out for you.  Scheduled tasks to clean up these sort of files are often implemented because users who do not exit the editor correct can leave large files and fill up /var, causing the machine to start failing or even boot and fail to start.

I hope that this helps.

Liverpool, UK

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Ok does this make any sense. I was typing an essay in pages for 12  
hrs and it froze, I didn't save anything. I still haven't closed it  
because I want to Try to retrieve it!. My friend said to try this->
"sudo cat /opt/mem > ~/Desktop/memory"
It'll ask you for your password, enter your normal user account  
password and hit enter. It'll take a while because there's a lot of  
memory. Now type "cd ~/Desktop" and "strings memory | grep the" (or  
some other common word that might show up in your document). With  
some luck some snippets of your document will show up?
After I enter my password it just says cat: opt/mem/... No such file.
So am I doing something wrong or does this just make no sense at  
all?! If not, anyone know what I can try?
Thanks Steph


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