[sudo-users] Antwort: Re: sudo and ulimits on aix 5.3

philipp.achmueller at arz.co.at philipp.achmueller at arz.co.at
Wed Mar 26 09:46:08 EDT 2008

>I understand the problem now.  I was expecting getuserattr() to
>return a default value if there was no limit specified but it looks
>like I'll have to add the defaults myself.
>The documentation doesn't state the correct behavior if only the
>hard limits are specified.  We have two choices:
>1) keep the user's soft limit
>2) set the soft limit equal to the hard limit
>I'd be curious to know what the AIX login program uses in this case.
>My guess is that it would use the same value for soft as it does
>for hard.
> - todd

i found this statement in aix-documentation:

If the hard values are explicitly defined but the soft values are not, the 
system sets the soft values equal to the hard values. 


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