[sudo-users] Problem with mail

Asselin, Daniel d.asselin at cgi.com
Wed May 14 15:28:32 EDT 2008


Sorby about mye abruptes but i'm not in accustomed to

1 writhing to a mailing list
2 English is a forum language to me
3 of being answered in such a fashion

 A simple explanation  of my mistake would of sufficed
 In other words being civil and professional

BTW the mistake was a bad mail address given to me

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On Tue, May 13, 2008 at 01:10:11PM -0400, Asselin, Daniel wrote:
> Hi All
>   I'm new to sudo  and i have a problem  with the mail
> This is what I have in my sudoers for the mail
> Defaults    mail_always
> Defaults        mailerpath=/usr/sbin/sendmail
> Defaults        mailto="usertoto at cgi.com"

It might be helpful if you indicated *what* the problem was/is you are
seeing, what platform you are using, etc.  Also, does sendmail actually
work when you email the user from the same machine?  If not, chances
are it's an issue with sendmail and not sudo.

To test, you can invoke "/usr/sbin/sendmail -t" (from what you listed,
above) and feed it a "test" email on standard input, such as one like
this one, below.

-- begin
To: usertoto at cgi.com
Subject: Test of Sendmail

This is a test of sendmail (with headers) from the command line.

-- end

...until that works (or something similar with other mailerflags maybe),
sudo doesn't have any hope, either.

Hope that helps...

Russell M. Van Tassell
russell at loosenut.com

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