[sudo-users] Compiling sudo-1-7

Russell Van Tassell russell+sudo-users at loosenut.com
Mon Nov 10 14:53:22 EST 2008

On Mon, Nov 10, 2008 at 11:39:01AM +0100, christian.peper at kpn.com wrote:
> Rachel,
> Check if you do have a compiler installed. Not all systems come with one
> by default.

Being a Sun box, too... unless you have actually purchased their compiler
product and installed it, or bootstrapped gcc or similar, they tend to
nicely include a "cc" script that will tell you that cc's not installed
(which is *great* for confusing unsuspecting configure scripts).

> Try 'which cc' or 'which gcc' to check.
> If it's in a weird directory, the configure script may not be able to
> find it but can tell it where to look.

That might only work if the compiler's already in the path (which,
apparently, it's not).  Solaris 9, if you installed the optional
software, might be in /usr/sfw/bin or similar (of all places), which
tends to escape most folks... I think they likely decided on that
out-of-the-way place so-as to avoid overwriting /usr/local or /opt or
the like, now...

> Using 'yum install gcc' or 'up2date -i gcc' you should be able to
> install it, if missing.

...that's a redhat/linux thing, AFAIK.  Rachael's configure script
seems to think it's a Solaris 9 box...

/usr/bin/uname -p = sparc
/bin/uname -X     = System = SunOS
/bin/uname -X     = System = SunOS
Node = webct4
Release = 5.9
KernelID = Generic_118558-14
Machine = sun4u

So... many people like sunfreeware.com (I'll admit it's not my
favorite).  But you're probably just as well off grabbing the software
supplement that came with Solaris 9 and making sure you install GCC and
all the compiler tools from there (unless, of course, it's already on
the box in the aforementioned out-of-the-way location).


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