[sudo-users] how to get rid of log about TTY=unknown ?

Todd C. Miller Todd.Miller at courtesan.com
Wed Oct 1 14:05:52 EDT 2008

In message <BAY138-W368D1B2421692187A019509F420 at phx.gbl>
	so spake "T.J. Yang" (tj_yang):

> I have program on a  server using sudo to call up fping for ping connection
> test.
> it generate lots of message in log file.
> sudo: hobbits : TTY=unknown ; PWD=/opt/hobbitserver42 ; USER=root ;
> COMMAND=/opt/fping24/sbin/fping -Ae
> Anyone know how to configure sudo to avoid this kind of message ?

Sudo normally logs the tty along with the command.  When there is
no tty present, it logs the string "unknown" instead.

If you wish to avoid having the commands logged at all, you can
either adjust your syslog.conf not to log them or change
syslog_goodpri in /etc/sudoers such that your existing
syslog.conf will not log the message.  For example,

    Default syslog_goodpri=debug

would change the syslog priority for successful commands from info
to debug.  Assuming your syslog.conf doesn't log things at the debug
level that should prevent the messages from being logged.

 - todd

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