[sudo-users] sudo configuration

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Give out 'only' what they need to do.  We have a rule.  if you can't tell 
us what you want or need to run as root,  then you don't need root (read 
this as you don't know what your doing)  The best model is to give them 
"only" what they need and go from there - don't start will (all) and try 
to take it away - that is not very secure and someone is going to have an 
easier time finding a work around.

That said, I don't know your situation, but I would think that if they 
have root (all)  this means they are already a system administrator and 
not a user or app support person.

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[sudo-users] sudo configuration

Hello everyone,
What would be the best way to avoid an user from executing the following 

sudo /bin/ln -s /usr/bin/su sap_file
sudo ./sap_file - 

and get root access on a AIX server.
I´m using sudo

Thanks in advance,


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