[sudo-users] sudo sudo-1.6.9p17 x AIX 5.3

Jackson Afonso Krainer jakrainer at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 20 14:42:50 EDT 2008

Hello there,
I have compiled sudo-1.6.9p17 on AIX 5.3 TL 5 and in AIX 5.3 TL 8 and everything seems to be working just fine when I user reported me the following problem:
$ sudo cfgmgr
cfgmgr: 0514-603 Cannot access the Config_Rules object class in the
        device configuration database.

I have compiled sudo using the following flags:
configure --with-noexec --without-passwd --with-ignore-dot --with-mailto=mail at host.com --with-mail-if-no-host --with-mail-if-noperms  --disable-root-sudo --enable-log-host

Trying to identify which flag was causing this behavior I recompiled sudo excluding the last flag until I did it with no flags. It didn’t work in any case! I got the same error on all cases.

I have used the gcc compiler with the following versions:

Did anyone already face this problem?
Did anyone successfully compiled sudo in AIX 5.3? Which flags did you use? What version of C compiler?

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Best Regards,


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