[sudo-users] Problem with defaults (v1.7.0rc2)

Chris O'Regan chris at encs.concordia.ca
Thu Oct 30 16:21:56 EDT 2008

Even more weirdness, I have defined the following:

Defaults>root env_reset
Defaults>root env_keep="SSH_CLIENT SSH_TTY SSH_CONNECTION"

...but my SSH* variables are missing and many other variables like 
"DISPLAY" are now set.

$ sudo -l
Matching Defaults entries for chris on this host:
     shell_noargs, rootpw

Runas and Command-specific defaults for chris:
     Defaults>root editor=/usr/bin/vim:/encs/bin/vim:/usr/bin/vi 
Defaults>root always_set_home    Defaults>root env_reset    Defaults>root

User chris may run the following commands on this host:

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