[sudo-users] can't pass environment variables to sudo env

Todd C. Miller Todd.Miller at courtesan.com
Sat Sep 13 21:20:35 EDT 2008

In message <b1335fe90809131655k4c766282xaf7ad13eea4166d8 at mail.gmail.com>
	so spake "Tiago Marques" (tiagomnm):

> I've noticed that since sudo-1.6.8, i think, I can't pass useful environment
> variables like RSYNC_PROXY, ACCEPT_KEYWORDS, USE, and other stuff I use in
> Gentoo.
> Is there any worthwhile reason for sudo to now ignore the environment
> variables, like security reasons? For me, this was a major loss in
> functionality.

The default behavior was changed to not pass environment variables
to the process being run by sudo.  You have two basic options:

1) Restore the old behavior by placing a line like the following
   in sudoers.

	Defaults !env_reset

2) Add the variables you with to keep explicitly, e.g.


 - todd

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