[sudo-users] How to sudoers config - set a long list of ENV prior to running the updater as root

dave.parson at daimler.com dave.parson at daimler.com
Thu Sep 18 17:58:47 EDT 2008

To enable "updates" for Websphere - there is a pre-req of running a script 
that updates your ENV.  It assumes that you run this as root, and for your 
login session you have these various PATH and ENV variables set to support 
 the upgrade.

I am having trouble figuring out how to enable this via sudoers.

There are two scripts to make this work:


Updater -options - etc

We tried the command line of 

sudo /../script_set_env.sh  ;  /../Updated - options

It stopped complaining about ENV variables not being set but there are 
other errors.  I wonder if the above is really doing what we inteded.


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