[sudo-users] Problem of install tarball packages

edwardspl at ita.org.mo edwardspl at ita.org.mo
Fri Sep 26 13:37:19 EDT 2008

Carville, Stephen wrote:

>Assuming the procedure is :
>1. Extract the tar to $HOME/somewhere
>2. cd to the directory
>3. ./configure

I just tried the procedure ( step 3 ) :

[svradmin at svr1 proftpd-1.3.0a]$ ./configure --prefix=/usr/local/proftpd

./configure: line 88: conf4161.sh: Permission denied
./configure: line 89: conf4161.sh: Permission denied
chmod: cannot access `conf4161.sh': No such file or directory
./configure: line 201: conf4161.file: Permission denied
./configure: line 1266: config.log: Permission denied
[svradmin at svr1 proftpd-1.3.0a]$

So, how to fix the problem ( Permission denied ) ?
May be I need to change the owner of "/usr/local" directory belong to
"svradmin" user ?

Any solution for it ?

Thanks !


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