[sudo-users] restricting users

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In other words, I can't make it so it denies them for a time?

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Welcome to a denial of service attack.

Step away from your keyboard for a few minutes, and mischievous hands
will have you locked out of sudo.

I've always preferred Sun Microsystems, choice on this matter. Failed
logins take 45 seconds to exit.  Quick enough for interactive users, but
drastically slows down program attacks.

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They asked me to do something so that if this happens:

  $ sudo ls
  Sorry, try again.
  Sorry, try again.
  Sorry, try again.
  sudo: 3 incorrect password attempts

maybe twice, then the next time it either just locks up or says
like "too many password attempts.  You are blocked for 2 hours".

Anyway to do this?

On a similar note, using visudo I put

   Defaults insults

which is supposed to insult you when you enter a wrong password, but it
still saying "  Sorry, try again.".  DO you know why?

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