[sudo-users] Please help me sudo

Kumar, Gyan gyan_kumar at uhc.com
Thu Dec 24 01:04:21 EST 2009

Hi ,
 My requirement is take backup as sudo admin.

      a.  apsr8007 machine.

     [gkuma14 at apsr8007 gyan]$ ssh -t gkuma14 at cwsapp02.phs.com 'sudo -u
wladmin -s -H ;cd /home/stage/doamins/cw_stage1 '
 after executing now i am in wladmin user,

       [wladmin at cwsapp02 gyan]$ pwd

    but cd /home/stage/doamins/cw_stage1 'is not working 

      b. now i want to connect cwsapp02 machine(Three
requirement).Because here  20 machine(cwsapp03,05...20)
          It is very diffcult to take backup for logfile.Taking backup
we have to do "sudo -u wladmin -s -H' and go to
          the perticular path cd /home/stage/domains/cw_stage1/ 
              Three steps:

                      1> sudo -u wladmin -s -H                =  do the
                      2> cd /home/stage/domains/cw_stage1/    =  go to
the pertucular path
                      3> mv log logs.241209                   =  Take


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>  I am not able to run in ssh command.
> ssh gkuma14 at cwr.uuu.com 'sudo -u wladmin -s -H '

You need to tell ssh to allocate a pty for the command.  E.g.

    ssh -tt gkuma14 at cwr.uuu.com 'sudo -u wladmin -s -H'

That should do the trick.

 - todd

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