[sudo-users] Password required with option -i !?

Stefan Götz stefan.goetz at cs.rwth-aachen.de
Tue Dec 29 05:04:47 EST 2009


When using the -i option, sudo (v. 1.7.0) unexpectedly asks for a password - any
ideas why?

My goal is to run firefox as the (existing) user firefox in my X session running
as the user goetz.

Problem 1)

Even though I have 'Defaults env_keep = "DISPLAY"' in my /etc/sudoers, the
command 'sudo -u firefox /usr/bin/firefox' does not start firefox. Instead it
terminates with error code 1.

I don't care much for this problem since it is easily worked around via the
command 'sudo -u firefox -i /usr/bin/firefox' which starts firefox successfully.
But now appears

Problem 2)

To /etc/sudoers I add

goetz   ALL = (firefox) NOPASSWD: /usr/bin/firefox

so I don't have to provide my password. Running the above command without the -i
option does correctly not prompt for a password. But running the above command
with the -i option does prompt for a password, which seems incorrect to me. Does
anybody know what's going on here?


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