[sudo-users] Filename globbing in /etc/sudoers causes very slow sudo command execution.

Robin Holt holt at sgi.com
Mon Feb 9 14:18:32 EST 2009

On Mon, Feb 09, 2009 at 01:53:07PM -0500, Todd C. Miller wrote:
> In sudo 1.6.9 sudo uses glob() for pathname globbing which does
> look at the filesystem.  Depending on the sudoers rules you have
> and your automount setup this could cause an automount storm.
> Using glob() fixes some real problems, for instance
> http://www.gratisoft.us/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=143
> I am considering adding a option to allow users to switch back to
> the old method if they don't care about the issues it introduces.

How difficult would that be to implement?  This is hindering us from
using 1.6.9 from the vendor.  Could a patch be made available for their
version as well?  I hope it sounds like I am groveling because that is
how I feel ;)


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