[sudo-users] question about sudo

Manjunatha, Jamuna Jamuna.Manjunatha at ironmountain.com
Mon Feb 9 11:05:02 EST 2009



I have set up a sudo such that I have disabled "bash" for all the users,

So that every activity gets logged in /var/log/messages.


Now a user with sudo access has some bash scripts that require "bash" to
run the scripts.


I can give him ONLY that access by modifying the /etc/sudoers file

But then what ever he does after typing "sudo bash" DOES NOT Get


Can I still give him "sudo bash" access & still be able to login all his
activity after he becomes "sudo bash"??




How do I go about modifying the bash script?? so every activity gets


Any help would be greatly appreciated.



You guys have been very helpful..


Thanks a bunch!!





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