[sudo-users] Ask root password only for one command

christian.peper at kpn.com christian.peper at kpn.com
Tue Jan 20 09:57:25 EST 2009

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> Subject: [sudo-users] Ask root password only for one command
> Is there a way to make ONE user needs type root password for 
> just one command of his list of allower commands ?
> Example:
> User nobody can run ifup , ifdown , ifconfig but i also want 
> to be able to make nopbody run "sudo su -" but in this case i 
> need to type root password instead of nobody''s password .

If you want to allow a user to switch to root if he/she enters the root
passwd... There is no need to use sudo! :)
Just do 'su -' type root passwd and be root.

The whole idea of sudo is NOT knowing the root passwd?
Right? Or am I misunderstanding your question?


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