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Your approach may be a little open to abuse with people able to simply copy su to another name and then call that with "sudo cp -p /usr/bin/su ./mysu; sudo mysu -" or similar.

Another way (not perfect either) is to edit /.profile (assuming you're using sh, ksh, bash etc.) so trace the caller, something like:-

	# root's .profile

	ps -o user=,tty=,ppid= -p $$|read uid tid ppid
	if [ "$tid" != "${tid#pts}" -o "$tid" != "${tid#tty}" ]		<--- See below
		who -i|grep "$tid "|read rid b c d e f lpid rest
		ps -o user=,ppid=,args= -p $ppid|read cid cpid cargs
		if [ `grep -c "$cid" /etc/rootusers.allowed` -ne 1 ]
			echo "Not allowed access to login as root."
			# Write attempt in your security log with info collected above

	# Carry on with .profile here

You need to edit the "if" to capture your terminal definition style, e.g. pts/1, ttyAA/AA11 or whatever.  Make sure that you allow direct console login as a fallback.  Test it very thoroughly and consider what will happen in a boot when the profile is read.

This is quickly cobbled together and not tested, so no liability is accepted.

Of course, it can still be hacked round by altering the /etc/rootusers.allowed.  Perhaps the best way would be to specifically allow what is acceptable rather than trying to have a blanket grant and the prevent what you don't want the to do.  Shared accounts are always a bad idea as you lose the accountability anyway.  How do you square it with the auditors?  The shared accounts might be okay if you script everything and then allow users to call the script and don't let them enter arbitrary commands.

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Add the folling lines (visudo) to your /etc/sudoers file: 

User_Alias  NON_ROOT = APistocc, DThornto

Cmnd_Alias  SU_TO_ROOT = /usr/bin/su, /usr/bin/su -, /usr/bin/su root, /usr/bin/su - root


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On 10/5/06, ANDREW PISTOCCHI <APISTOCCHI at ut.edu> wrote:
> I have users able to su - as another user using sudo but how can I 
> exclude them from root?  I want them to be able to sudo su as any user 
> except root.  Right now if they type: sudo su and hit <Enter> they get 
> the root # prompt.  I don't want this.
> Is there an easy way to allow them to su to all users except root?
> Andy Pistocchi
> apistocch at ut.edu
> 813-258-7422
> The University of Tampa
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