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Thu Mar 12 04:08:34 EDT 2009

If you configure sudo to allow them to use smitty they will be able to do everything that they can do today, even shell escape to a root shell through esc+9 keys. 
To only allow them to change the size of a filesystem you can configure the command /usr/sbin/chfs on their sudo profile. With this command they will be manually extend a filesystem as following:

sudo chfs -a size=+1G /filesystem

-to increase the /filesystem in 1 Gb

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> I have a question that hopefully can be answered. 
> I have 5 individuals that have been given the
> "OK" to increase the size of 
> a file system using smitty. Until today, they have had root
> access which 
> allowed them the permission to increase the size of any
> given file system. 
>  I was given the task to get them their access back by
> using sudo instead 
> of having root access. Does anybody know the right syntax
> for the sudoers 
> file to make this happen?
> Thanks
> Chris
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