[sudo-users] Sudo and parameters to a script

Jefferson Vickers jefferson.vickers at googlemail.com
Tue May 5 11:21:32 EDT 2009


I've installed sudo 1.7.1 on my Solaris box ( have used earlier
versions before as well ).

One thing I've often wanted to do is to restrict useage to a script
that can have a parameter of 2 values, for instance I have a script
called "timeofday" this can accept "morning" or "afternoon" as a

I know I can add a line such as:-

Cmnd_Alias Scpt = timeofday morning, timeofday afternoon

Is there a better way that it can be done, something like:-

Cmnd_Alias Scpt = timeofday morning||afternoon

The "||" mean a logical or, so it basically says you can must supply
"morning" or "afternoon" to the script?



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