[sudo-users] sudo keeps asking for password with NOPASSWD given

M Kili m0kili at gmail.com
Thu Nov 12 08:58:05 EST 2009


I have the regular requirement of updating test site when a change is
commited to svn. SVN is under apach webdav, user nobody, svn update
has to be run as user user1.

CentOS release 5.4, sudoers is standard distribution, requiretty
removed, so except for aliases I have:

Defaults    env_reset
Defaults    env_keep = " ... list ... "
root  ALL=(ALL)   ALL
nobody  ALL = (user1) NOPASSWD: /usr/bin/svn update /path/to/www/

Testing this setup:
# sudo -H -u nobody bash
$ sudo -H -u user1 svn update /path/to/www/

Same result from post-commit hook.

Any help?

-- Marek

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