[sudo-users] Problems compiling on Irix

Todd C. Miller Todd.Miller at courtesan.com
Tue Nov 17 12:20:39 EST 2009

In message <5F3DFB42CA226D4497707C60419C10B8017BDB3B at MAIL.ad.arc.army.mil>
	so spake "Antczak, Trevor (Contractor)" (Trevor.Antczak.ctr):

> 3) Is there a workaround on the 'isblank' issue that would avoid me having to
> do an OS upgrade. (ie, could I just comment the line out and everything will
> mostly work)

Check your config.h file and see if you have a line:

#define HAVE_ISBLANK 1

If so, comment that out.

It's possible you may need to add


before ctype.h is included in fnmatch.c

 - todd

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