[sudo-users] #includedir gives parse errors

seph seph at directionless.org
Fri Nov 20 13:10:10 EST 2009

Hrm. I just noticed in the Changelog that includedir ignores files with
dots in them. It even looks like it's in the manual. I find that counter
intuitive, but there it is...

I do, however, notice that if I run "visudo -c -f ..." it leaves behind
an empty sudoers file in the included directory, which makes future
calls die with parse errors.

I suspect that sudo should be a bit more resilient to empty directories
and empty files.


seph <seph at directionless.org> writes:

> I'm running into the same problem as
> http://www.sudo.ws/pipermail/sudo-users/2009-October/004206.html
> I'm using ubuntu hardy 8.04, and tested with a clean compile of sudo
> versions 1.7.2 and 1.7.2p1. 
> I filed it as http://www.gratisoft.us/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=375 and
> that report has my various test files. (sorry I didn't email sudo-users
> first)
> seph
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