[sudo-users] Re : Howto prohibit /usr/bin/su command ?

Ahmed Karoumi akaroumi at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 11 05:38:06 EDT 2009

Hello Todd,

It's true you are right.

but difficult to get for many teams the list of commands that they really need.
It's a big challenge !

Thanks for your help.

Ahmed Karoumi
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>     so spake Ahmed Karoumi (akaroumi):
> > Is it possible to create a rule which is allow to run ALL unix commands but w
> > ithout to switch to any users ?
> > 
> > I would prohibit the command /usr/bin/su and allow all other.
> There is no reliable way to do this.  Any time you give someone
> sudo ALL, you make it possible for them to run whatever they like,
> regardless of any negations such as !/usr/bin/su.
> All the user has to do is make a copy of the proscribed command and
> run that, or write a script that invokes it, etc.  If you are
> concerned about what users can run, only give them access to what
> they need.
> - todd


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