[sudo-users] running a script in a specific directory as root

larry prikockis lprikockis at vecna.com
Thu Apr 29 23:17:46 EDT 2010

I have a need for users to be able to run certain scripts located in
subdirectories of /net/common (e.g.,
/net/common/installation/test/myScript.sh) as root using sudo.

by adding a line like:

bob	ALL=/bin/sh /net/common/installation/*

to sudoers

Bob can log in, and execute 'sudo sh
/net/common/installation/test/myScript.sh' with no problem.

However, is there a way to all Bob to simply change to the
/net/common/installation/test directory and then execute:

'sudo ./myScript.sh' without specifying the full path?

Obviously, I don't want to simply allow users to run e.g., "myScript.sh"
from any directory as root since then there would be no way to prevent
someone from creating a script called "myScript.sh" that contained
commands I *don't* want a user running as root.

The idea is that most users have only read access to

Any thoughts on how to make it less cumbersome for users (i.e., not
requiring them to type the full path when they're already in the same
directory as the script) while still retaining control over the location
of the script being executed with root privs.?

thanks for any help...

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