[sudo-users] Sudo Password not Working

Antczak, Trevor (Contractor) Trevor.Antczak.ctr at arc.army.mil
Tue Aug 31 11:19:38 EDT 2010


Have a really weird problem here.  If a user has the "NOPASSWD" option set in /etc/sudoers they work fine.  If they don't have the "NOPASSWD" option set then sudo simply acts as if it skipped through all three password attempts and they all failed.  I can't copy and paste the exact output, as the machines in question aren't on the network, but it looks like this:

[user at machine ~]$ sudo dosomethingiamauthorizedto

Sorry, try again. 
Sorry, try again.
Sorry, try again.
sudo: 3 incorrect password attempts
[user at machine ~]$

Looking at /var/log/secure it just looks as if the user tried to use sudo and typed their password wrong three times.  We suspect there is something going on with pam, but can't verify.  The machines in question recently had some vendor updates applied, so a change may have been made to pam or another subsystem as part of that.  Which specific pam files does sudo use so we can look at those, and do you have any other ideas?

Trevor Antczak (Contractor)
MDA Advanced Research Center
Trevor.Antczak.ctr at arc.army.mil

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