[sudo-users] sudo Problem with Session Management

Aaron Lewis aaron.lewis1989 at gmail.com
Fri Feb 12 02:23:31 EST 2010

For my old sudo ( installed with package manager ) ,
it takes every virtual terminal , x-terminal as different session.
So previous authentication will not effect other sessions.

e.g.   when u make a successful authentication in tty1 ,
you turn to tty2 but need to type your password again
 ( not same session , so not authenticated )

But the official source code does provide this feature ,
once u type in your passwd , in a few minutes , you are authenticated  
everywhere , it's a security problem .

Do i need to look for a patch ? Or it's problem with PAM Module ?

Default installition has these library linked :
   -lpam -ldl -lcrypt   

Best Regards,
Aaron Lewis
RedHat Certificated Engineer

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