[sudo-users] Limiting arguments on a command

Ian Goldstein IGoldstein at Jefferies.com
Wed Feb 24 15:09:46 EST 2010


I am trying to implement sudo so that a user can maintain directories and 
permission's.  I want to limit what can be on the command line to an 
argument. without necessarily creating a script wrapper

Can somebody please help me figure out what I am missing?

As an illustration, I have the following in my sudoers:

User_Alias      TEST_ADMIN=usera,userb

Cmnd_Alias      TEST_ADMIN_CMDS =      \
                /bin/mkdir /apps/[[\:alpha\:]]*    ,\
                /bin/rmdir /apps/[[\:alpha\:]]*    ,\
                /bin/chown * /apps/[[\:alpha\:]]*  ,\
                /bin/chmod * /apps/[[\:alpha\:]]* 


What this allows me to do as a user is

sudo /bin/mkdir /apps/test1

But it also allows me to run this which is not desirable

sudo /bin/mkdir /apps/test1 /etc/foobar   ( creates a directory in /etc 
called foobar.)


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