[sudo-users] restrict shell out to root using sudo

Muhammad Habib mhabib73 at gmail.com
Tue Jul 6 20:52:36 EDT 2010


I am looking for restricting users to do shell out in their scripts.  For
example , I have script1 which I have given user "userA" to run using sudo
e.g.   sudo script1.
and script is owned by root as well so user cannot update the script.
However, user can edit with sudoedit as well. Now , if user modifies this
script to call /bin/sh , he gets the root access when he runs the script
i.e. "sudo  script1".  I tried to stop it using "NOEXEC" function but that
will cause this script1 to run OK , but all commands in this script (eg. ps
, uname etc.) will fail to run as well.

script1 is as follows:

uname >> /tmp/myhost
ps -ef | grep db  >> /tmp/myproc





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