[sudo-users] issues with sudo -i or sudo -s

Sudhakar PS Sudhakar.PS at tatatel.co.in
Fri Jun 11 06:35:20 EDT 2010


My profile issues is address while execute the command "sudo -i -u
oracle10 < any command>.

If I don't pass on any command as an argument, it is leaving me to the
shell of oracle10. I need to block user not accessing the shell of
oracle10 directly. User should access everything through his individual
login only.

If I block the shells with !SHELLS, then -i is not working.

Can anybody help is in this regard.


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Tried with env_keep as well but unable to load the user profile. can
anybody help me in this regard.


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On 06/10/2010 09:03 PM, Sudhakar PS wrote:
> Hi Mark
> Thanks for the guidance.
> I am facing one issue. 
> dbaadmin$ sudo -u oracle10 <some_command>, while  executing this
command, I would like  the profile of oracle10 to be executed along with
the command. It tells me command not found etc. I need to manually
execute the profile file. I have multiple oracle versions installed on a
single server, require the account profile to be executed along with the
sudo -u <oraclex> <command>.  Let me know if I have some solution /

Maybe `evn_keep' will help ?
Looks like some environment variable is not passed to your shell.

	Defaults:oracle10 env_keep="ORACLE_HOME"	

> Reg
> Sudhakar
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> On Thu, Jun 10, 2010 at 12:23 PM, Sudhakar PS
<Sudhakar.PS at tatatel.co.in> wrote:
>> Sudoers File:
>> oracle10 ALL=(ALL) ALL
>> %dbaadmin       ALL=(DB) ALL
>> %dbaadmin       ALL=(oracle10) ALL
> This gives everyone in group dbaadmin full root access... they sudo to
> oracle10, start a shell, and sudo to root ;P
> Only the ALL=(oracle10) line should be enough...
> dbaadmin$ sudo -u oracle10 <some_command>
> is the command your users should use to run something as oracle10
>> Cmnd_Alias
>> sh,/usr/bin/tcsh,/usr/bin/zsh,/usr/bin/bash,/bin/su -,/bin/su -
>> root,/usr/bin/su -, /usr/bin/su - root,/bin/su ""
>> %sysadmin       ALL=!SHELLS
> Negations don't work as you would expect... people can make a symlink
> to a shell and start that, or they can start vi, and use a
> shell-escape.
> They can write their own script, which runs a shell, and start that.
>> %sysadmin       ALL=NOEXEC: /usr/bin/vi,/usr/bin/more
> You should make NOEXEC a default, and !NOEXEC the specific commands
> that NEED it.
>> %sysadmin       ALL= /usr/bin/passwd [A-Za-z]*, !/usr/bin/passwd root
> Second bit doesn't work as expected either...
>> %dbaadmin       ALL=!SHELLS
> Same...
>> %dbaadmin       ALL=NOEXEC: /usr/bin/vi,/usr/bin/more
> Same...

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