[sudo-users] preventing user "bob" from executing sudo at all]

Aaron Lewis aaron.lewis1989 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 3 00:57:05 EST 2010

Oops , i don't know if it's problem with my thunderbird ;-)
Forward is here..

Well , if you wonna prevent bob from running SUID programs ,
You can try this :

e.g su
# chgrp wheel `which su`
# chmod 4750 `which su`

User who's not in group wheel has no permission to lauch anymore.
What i've learned from slackware : )

Felipe Alvarez wrote:
> Hi list
> I want to prevent 'bob' from using sudo entirely. What should I type
> into /etc/sudoers (via visudo)? I want 'bob' to never gain root
> privileges, never use 'su', and never run anything as root user.
> Perhaps not related to sudo but ... If possible, I'd also like to
> prevent 'bob' from running mount, passwd, or any setUID program.
> Felipe
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