[sudo-users] Could not connect to database

Nicolas Neuss neuss at kit.edu
Wed Mar 3 05:38:29 EST 2010


I have problems with one of my machines running Debian Lenny

    neuss at ma-x:~$ sudo echo "Hi"

    Could not connect to database

This is quite annoying, also because some cron jobs use sudo and I get
an error mail every 10 minutes.

Has anyone an idea what could help?  The sudo version number shown in
synaptic is 1.6.9-p17-2+lenny1.

Thank you, 

P.S.: This bug was reported also here:
  I must admit that I suffer from this problem quite some time (2
  years?), but until now did not take the time to report it.  IIRC it
  first occured after some Debian dist-upgrade process.

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