[sudo-users] how to uninstall sudo ?

Aldo Zavala aldo at cleartalk.net
Mon Mar 22 16:04:51 EDT 2010

Hi, I downloaded and compiled this:  ftp://ftp.sudo.ws/pub/sudo/sudo-1.7.2p5.tar.gz

... so do you recommend me to better install the FreeBSD port of sudo?

If yes, how could I uninstall my non-platform sudo version?


From: Gabriel Menini [mailto:GMenini at ose.com.uy]
To: sudo-users at sudo.ws
Sent: Mon, 22 Mar 2010 12:11:31 -0700
Subject: Re: [sudo-users] how to uninstall sudo ?

sudo-users-bounces at courtesan.com escribió el 2010-03-22 15:41:34:
  > Hi to all  =)
  > I  just compiled the sudo-1.7.2p5 in FreeBSD 8.0 it works just 
  > great. However for packet maintenance purposes I would need how to 
  > uninstall and upgrade the package, I tried make uninstall and make 
  > deinstall and none of those worked. How is supposed to uninstall or 
  > upgrade it?
  Hello, Aldo.
  Maybe you'd better refer to FreeBSD specific install/upgrade 
  As far as I can tell, If you installed from Sudo web site sources, you'll 
  have to patch it or, in the other hand, download a fresh release and 
  > Thanks in advance!
  > Aldo
  Gabriel Menini
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