[sudo-users] Screen blinks when closing a xterm window after "sudo -i"

Antonio Ospite ospite at studenti.unina.it
Tue Oct 26 07:10:23 EDT 2010

On Mon, 25 Oct 2010 13:44:06 +0200
Antonio Ospite <ospite at studenti.unina.it> wrote:

> when I close a xterm window (from the window manager) after I ran
> "sudo -i" in it, the screen blinks, this does not happen if I become
> superuser using "sudo -s" or "su".
> Does it have anything to do with the xserver authorization model and
> sudo itself? Any idea about where should I report it?
> It is not a great problem from the user POV but I am curios about what
> is triggering this behavior, and whether it is reproducible by other
> people as well or it may depend on something in my environment.

I found out how to make this behavior reproducible, you need to be
using bash, here are the steps to get it:

1. Create /root/.bash_logout with this content:
  if [ "$SHLVL" = 1 ]; then
      [ -x /usr/bin/clear_console ] && /usr/bin/clear_console -q

2. Open a xterm

3. Run "sudo -i" in it

4. Close the window with the window manager (e.g. click the [X] button)

Does the screen blink now?

So I guess that the blink is due to some bash/clear_console and virtual
console interaction as it happens also when I become superuser with "su
-l", so it's not a xterm issue and the xterm debian bug can be closed.

If you think I am spamming xorg at l.f.o just tell me and I'll stop
sending messages there.

@Rasterman I guess this is how you got the message, via xorg at l.f.o.


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